When and where

December 5-7, 2022. Concepción, Chile. Hotel Terrano and Universidad de Concepción.


In December 2022, the Millennium Nucleus on Young Exoplanets and their Moons YEMS will complete its first year of activity as an astronomy-informatics multidisciplinary effort funded by Iniciativa Científica Milenio of Centros ANID. We believe that this is the right time to bring everyone together to discuss the activities and main developments in YEMS during this first year of operation and talk about the next steps for YEMS. The philosophy of this YEMS workshop is to build a stronger community and foster new collaborations and connections in our diverse group of researchers, and therefore we aim to provide plenty of space for open discussions during this meeting.

All participants must follow the YEMS code of conduct.


Philipp Weber (SOC/LOC), Trisha Bhowmik (SOC), Irma Fuentes (SOC/LOC), Guillermo Cabrera-Vives (LOC), Mauricio Torres (LOC), Alice Zurlo (SOC), Sebastián Pérez (SOC)


See detailed program.
Time Sunday Monday Tuesday* Wednesday
9.00-10.30 Talks I Hands-on II Talks III
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
11.00-12.30 Talks II Hands-on III Discussion
12.30-14.00 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14.30-16.00 Hands-on I Departure
16.00-16.30 Coffee Break
16.30-18.00 Discussion I
18.00-20.00 Arrival Break Break
20.00-22.00 Welcome Dinner
*The morning session will be held at Edificio Ingeneria de Sistemas UdeC.


  • Guillermo Cabrera (UDEC)
  • Irma Fuentes Morales (USACH)
  • Carla Hernandez Silva (USACH)
  • Pedro Henrique Nogueira (UDP)
  • Camilo Gonzalez Ruilova (UDP)
  • Javiera Paterakis Órdenes (USACH)
  • Belén Rickmers Blamey (USACH)
  • Lucas Cieza (UDP)
  • Gabriel Godoy (USACH)
  • Fernando Rannou (USACH)
  • Pablo Roman Asenjo (USACH)
  • Cecilia Lazzoni (Exeter)
  • James Miley (NAOJ/ALMA)
  • Alejandra Fernández (UDEC)
  • Sebastián Pérez (USACH)
  • Alice Zurlo (UDP)
  • Trisha Bhowmik (UDP)
  • Philipp Weber (USACH)
  • Juanita Antilén (UCH)
  • Carla Arce-Tord (UCH)
  • Ricardo Hasbún (USACH)